A new competition is up !

33 strangles (choke) - coupon paysafecard Pl worth 100 pln to win !! 
1. You have to be a part of ++Miri@da++ on steam 
2. Get 33 strangles (choke) of the enemy ... more..

The 301 revieves is announced to be finished

The 301revieves is announced to be finished, but not settled :/ We hang up on it, but we’re gonna come back to it soon. Because on Miri@da’s servers we brake bareers and nothing is impossible. And then there ...  more..

Unintended kicks / bans on server

Dear gamers, Mri@da group would like to inform all our friends and that after latest AA:PG patch occured new bug that may kick or ban you on server without reason. Even our own members encounter kicks and ... more...

We need support

You want to support our Clan? That's great, because we need your support 

About us

About us and about our clan.

Conntact us

Contact us, but also the rules of communication during the game !


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